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Available Services


An assessment is conducted to measure your child's performance across several benchmarks, indicating the appropriate developmental age for each skill. to inform the goals and structure of your child's therapy program based on his or her individual needs.

Home Based Therapy

For those, unable to attend clinical session or it is more beneficial, will be able to have home based therapy sessions. Some children have a balance of home, clinic and school based session. We compliment what is best for the family and client. 

Caregiver Collaboration

Caregiver Collaboration is an important component to a well rounded program. Caregiver meetings are schedule bi-weekly to insure all things practiced during therapy is generalized. Caregivers are taught terminology, implementation practices, behavior plans and are able to address arising concerns/questions. There will not be a time when you wouldn't know what your child is learning! 

Clinic Therapy

Clinical Therapy allows the client to receive therapy without the natural distractions of the home environment. The clinic also is an option/recommendation for Early Intervention clients ages 3 to 5. It assist with school readiness and inflexibilities.

In-School Support

Based on the school district aba services can be provided within the classroom. While not all schools allow outside therapies, Clinicians are able to collaborate with teachers upon caregivers consent. 

On Going Consultation

Even when the client has graduated or discontinued services, on-going consultation will be provided. All questions and concerns will be addressed. A referral list of doctors, dentist, therapists is in the works! We seek to help in every way we can. 

Telehealth Therapy

We now offer Telehealth services! Contact us for more information!! 


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