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Welcome to
Blueprint Behavior Services

ABA Services You Can Rely On

What is Blueprint ? 

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N- Naturalistic

T- Teachings


At Blueprint Behavior Services, patients come first - and that includes making sure to keep providing outstanding features that make us a comfortable and welcoming place a child wants to visit. Scroll down to find out more.

Kids in Preschool

Learn What The RBTs Know!


Social Group/
Summer Camp

Family with Tablet

Caregiver Collaboration

Bi-Weekly caregiver collaboration that ensures the service is provided to the child and their families

Individualized Treatment

All programs and skills implemented are specific to the child. No one size fits all!

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Sensory Friendly

Provides a sensory friendly environment where patients can thrive.

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Ongoing Staff Training

Staff are provided on-going training that ensure they are providing the best care possible. 

"As I embarked on what I wanted to do with my life and career, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to work with children in need. I fell in love with Applied Behavior Analysis and knew I was making lasting changes in all of my clients' lives. I found solace in knowing that I enjoyed every bit of my career. Seeing the changes my team and I have made in the child's and their caregivers' lives is heartwarming. I have a brother diagnosed with an intellectual disability and a cousin diagnosed with autism, and they are my heartbeats. I am passionate about what I do because of them. Because I wish I knew what I know now to have assisted them growing up. I want to provide the best quality care while putting the client first. Blueprint Behavior Services is a company started on sole passion and thrives on giving back to the community I was raised in. Providing knowledge and assistance to those in need.  "

                                                            ~B. Colbert  


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